Made to Order Charcuterie | Wine Bar | WNY Cheese Academy

Connecting Experts with Enthusiasts

At Meet & Eat Charcuterie, we’re delighted to offer a community space for Buffalo that’s full of local products and friendly expertise. Pass the hours with friends, family, or colleagues over your custom-ordered charcuterie and the perfect wine pairing you just discussed with our staff. Then, grab your favorite local cheese to take home and book your next night out in our events space, the Western New York Cheese Academy.

We think you’ll have an experience unlike any you’ve ever had, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Our Story

It started with pancakes and similar food-and-theme combos to entertain her kids. Then, an arranged breakfast for a bachelorette party she was attending because she was up early and found it fun. From this playing, and the reactions of the people around it, an idea was sparked in Kristen Cronyn: “I love making art out of food. I love bringing people together. Why don’t I offer this to everyone?”

One-off orders of charcuterie platters on Instagram turned into online classes teaching people how to make their own boards, turned into pop-up events serving charcuterie cups with local ingredients from small business owners, into fundraisers for local causes, graze tables for weddings, and a dream of a storefront. A storefront with a made-to-order charcuterie bar, local wine pairings, and an event space to host classes and build community.

Meet & Eat Charcuterie’s location at Larkin is the realization of that dream. It is a place that connects wine and cheese experts with enthusiasts. Where the community can gather, eat, drink, laugh, and grow. 

Kristen says, “if it makes me smile, I do it again.” We hope you visit, we hope it makes you smile, and we hope you’ll do it again and again.